We're a family company.  

In every sense. gimMe Health Foods is owned and operated by Annie Chun and her husband Steve Broad. We’re food lovers, parents, experienced entrepreneurs, and roasted seaweed fanatics.

Our family is multi-cultural just like our products. Annie was born and raised in Korea, home to the best seaweed on the planet. Steve grew up in Northern California where he learned early how much better food tastes when it’s all natural and grown fresh. Annie’s knowledge of authentic Korean culture and expertise in Asian cooking feeds the soul of our company. Steve’s business experience, sales, and management skills keep it running smoothly. We both share a real passion for creating healthy Asian foods that taste great, especially to kids. Together, we’ve founded gimMe to share our passion and love of roasted seaweed with you and your family.

After starting, growing, and ultimately selling our first natural food company—Annie Chun’s, one of the leading Asian food brands in the U.S., we were inspired to do it again. One evening, our family was sitting around the dinner table brainstorming when our teenaged daughter Mia had a great idea—start a company that sells the best possible roasted seaweed in delicious new flavors. We all love roasted seaweed and have been eating this healthy Asian snack for years. 

So we did. 

We call it gimMe, also Mia’s idea, because gim means seaweed in Korean—and because it tastes so good, everyone wants more. We hope you’ll love our crispy roasted seaweed as much as we do.

Our Family 

Annie is the Asian food and flavor expert. She gets really excited talking about ingredients, seasoning, and the science behind creating the flavors in food. Seriously.

Steve is in charge of sales and all that business and operations stuff that gets our gimMe products into stores crispy fresh so you and your family can enjoy them.

Mia, Annie and Steve’s teenaged daughter, is the communications expert. She came up with the idea to focus on roasted seaweed and to name the company gimMe. When not in school, Mia helps out by translating that crazy social media stuff to her parents.

David, Annie and Steve's son, is a part-time student and the resident snacking expert. He provides flavor insight and is a gimMe seaweed evangelist.

Sugar, the family’s fluffy white dog, weighing in at 11 pounds, heads up security at company headquarters.