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Ideas & Inspiration.

GimMe Honey Dijon Crumbles sprinkled over poached eggs and toast.

Snack & Cheese? Cheddar Cheese Crumbles added to a bowl of popcorn. (A great way to sneak a little nutrition and a lot of flavor into your next movie-night snack!)

Honey Dijon Crumbles sprinkled over a roasted beet salad and added to a turkey sandwich for more crunch and flavor. (Like potato chips, only much healthier!)

Baked wild salmon with cilantro pesto and a crispy layer of GimMe Sesame Crumbles on top.

Fresh pan-seared halibut in a white wine sauce sprinkled with GimMe Sesame Crumbles.

GimMe Grilled Cheese! Cheddar Cheese Crumbles sprinkled over an open-face melted cheese sandwich. (Works great on a grilled cheese sandwich too!)